First Commercial Radio Play

So our band Laurelhurst had our one song we have recorded played on commercial radio the other day. It’s fun, it was KNRK, the station I pretty much grew up on. When I sent them the email submitting “Partner In Crime”, of course I didn’t really expect any response. Funny enough, they featured our song on their locals Too at 2 less than a week later. Not bad for our first recorded single.

I got the heads ups about 20 minutes before our song was played, so I first passed it on to CJ, then told a ton of people to listen. CJ was on campus at PSU, so he ran out to his car so he could listen. He also took the little Instagram video below. CJ let Jesse know, and he listened to it on his clock radio next to his bed at home. I rode my motorcycle, so I had no FM radio, and I listened online. I was in my class waiting for it to start, and I had a shit eating grin on my face. I told a few of the people that I talk to in class, and it was a really cool experience. When we started playing back in February I definitely did not expect to get any airplay on radio. We’ve come along rather quickly.

We’ve also been on a few internet radio stations and college stations, so it’s really fun getting responses back and seeing people try to get our music out to others. The drums are recorded for “By Storm”, and this weekend CJ and Jesse will go in and finish up their parts. It’s gonna be a long process, but it’s awesome that we will eventually have a full length CD completed.


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